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Municipality of Plan-les-Ouates


Project description

  • Development of property rights for the Municipality of Plan-les-Ouates.

  • Management and construction of 8 Very High Energy Performance (THPE) housing buildings in Development Zone 3.


Scope of services

  • Completion of complementary Master plan studies.

  • Implementation of an SIA (Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects) architectural competition for buildings "E", "F" and "H".

  • Organising, monitoring and managing construction of buildings “E”, “F” and “H”.

  • Organisation and monitoring the partnership with the private developer in charge of the construction of the building "G2".

  • Organisation and monitoring the partnership between private developers and the Municipality, on behalf of the Contracting Authority, for the construction of the main underground car park.

  • Organising the call for proposals from cooperatives projects for the building "B", "C" and "D".

  • Marketing and organising rentals on behalf of the Municipality.

  • Managing the construction of a nursery on the ground floor of buildings Q1 and Q2, owned by CPEG.

  • Global financial management

  • Piloting de development of the "coulée verte" and the "plaque urbaine.


Chemin du Bois-Ecard, Plan-les-Ouates


17,083 m2 SBP


Catégorie ZDPPE: 64

Catégorie ZDLOC: 30

Catégorie HM: 12

Catégorie HLM LUP: 37

Total: 143 logements


> CHF 90 Million


2016 – ongoing


Daniele Grasso
Cyrielle Baroni

Plan Localisé de Quartier « Les Sciers », Plan-les-Ouates

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